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Photec Power

At Photec Power, a solar energy company based in Lindon, UT, I founded and steered the development of an AI-driven customer engagement platform, designed specifically for the solar energy market. This platform, developed with Django, Python, and OpenAI's API, not only revolutionizes the way customers interact with solar solutions but also streamlines our operational processes. My management of a comprehensive AWS cloud infrastructure, including EC2, RDS, and Elastic Beanstalk, further exemplifies my commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with sustainable solar energy, ensuring excellence in operations and customer satisfaction.

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Narrative Visions: AI-Infused Artistry

A project where technology meets narrative in a dance of pixels and prose. Utilizing the sophisticated capabilities of Adobe's creative tools, including Photoshop, Firefly, and the entire Adobe Creative Suite, each image is meticulously crafted to not just be seen, but felt. Generative AI serves as a digital brush, enhancing and transforming visuals into unique pieces of art. But the journey doesn't end with the image; each creation is paired with a bespoke story or poem, breathing life and context into the visual spectacle. This project isn't just about displaying technical skill; it's about creating a portal to miniature worlds, where each artwork is a window and every accompanying text is an invitation to step through.

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With RESUM.AI, I've brought innovation to the traditional resume by infusing it with AI, transforming my personal website into a dynamic platform. Pronounced "Resume," this AI, connected via an API, serves as my virtual resume, delivering an interactive and engaging narrative of my professional journey. Through RESUM.AI, not only can visitors view my credentials, but they can also interact with my virtual persona, gaining a deeper understanding of my expertise and aspirations. This project symbolizes my continuous endeavor to meld creativity with technology, offering a unique window into my professional realm.

An image showing a graphic for the Functionality on FunAI, the project. It has arrows showing that the program can give AI responses and also run functions from the same prompt request.


Functionality Integrator AI, or FunAI, is an idea I had a while back that I decided I would make real. This innovative project is centered around a unique export function that trains the AI, leveraging GPT-4, on a set of available functionalities, guiding it to call upon these functions at the inception of its response. The process flows seamlessly, with a comma delineating each function call followed by the AI's text response. This venture exemplifies a symbiotic fusion of AI with other program functionalities, ushering in enhanced precision and capabilities. The FunAI is designed to be integrated into other programs, thereby amplifying their operational efficacy and versatility. Through a dedicated test menu, I've facilitated an interface for real-time interaction with FunAI, further underscoring my commitment to melding cutting-edge AI technologies with practical, user-centric solutions.

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Exploring Tomorrow with Noah Hicks

Meet Noah Hicks, a tech-savvy visionary with a rich academic background from BYU's Marriot School. With a profound love for AI, Noah sees it as a cornerstone for our future. His venture, Photec Power, mirrors his commitment to innovative tech solutions. His diverse professional journey, grounded in Information Systems, augmented by a minor in music, with a love for art, reflects a relentless quest to harness technology for the betterment of humanity.

Noah is poised at the intersection of creativity and technical acumen, aiming to design systems that anticipate the evolving desires of society. His holistic approach to technology and life, coupled with his passion for musical expression, allows him to create harmonious solutions that resonate with both the practical and aesthetic needs of a dynamic world. Noah's ultimate goal is to contribute to a future where technology serves as a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that we steer towards a destination that aligns with our collective aspirations.


Founder at Photec Power

May 2023 - Present, Owner
Lindon, Utah, United States

- Developed AI-driven customer-facing website using Django, Python, and OpenAI's API.
- Managed cloud-based solutions utilizing AWS services like EC2, RDS, and Elastic Beanstalk.
- Managed code development through GitHub.

Security Professional at Allied Universal

Jun 2022 - Present, Part-Time
Lindon, Utah, United States

- Conducted data-driven risk assessments to optimize security measures.
- Specialized in workplace safety protocols, including hazard avoidance and liability management.
- Trained in emergency preparedness, security systems, and video surveillance.

Non-Standard Coordinator at Blue Raven Solar

Oct 2022 - May 2023, Full-Time
Orem, Utah, United States

- Managed relationships with hundreds of contractors, overseeing scopes of work and financial transactions.
- Developed Python scripts for automated data analysis and reporting.
- Utilized Excel VBA for data manipulation, achieving a 200% increase in efficiency.

Energy Consultant at Muv Power

Aug 2022 - Oct 2023, Contracted
Lindon, Utah, United States

- Achieved significant sales, enhancing company revenue and customer base.
- Delivered compelling energy solutions narratives, fostering long-term customer relationships.
- Employed a consultative sales approach, prioritizing sustainable energy solutions and customer satisfaction.

Voluntary Representative for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Dec 2018 - Dec 2019, Full-Time
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

- Created valuable documents for using technology to improve missionary work in its infancy.
- Demonstrated determination, adaptability, and strong interpersonal skills.
- Built relationships and delivered impactful public speeches.

Content Manager at SchoolHouse Market/Great Educators

Jul 2018 - Nov 2018, Part-Time
St Robert, Missouri, United States

- Spearheaded the design and integration of educational tests and worksheets, enhancing the existing curriculum.
- Employed data analysis of consumer feedback to iterate products, boosting user satisfaction and engagement.
- Managed end-to-end website projects, showcasing proficiency in web design, digital marketing, and B2B interactions.

Graphic Design Intern at Waynesville High School

Aug 2017 - May 2018, Part-Time
Waynesville, Missouri, United States

- Conducted professional interviews and managed scheduling, enhancing stakeholder engagement.
- Created and marketed media presentations for school and local business events, showcasing video production expertise.
- Acquired a diverse skill set in digital media, video editing, and social media marketing, honing problem-solving and quick thinking.

Crewman at Culvers Restaurants

Dec 2017 - Mar 2018, Part-Time
St Robert, Missouri, United States

- Maintained and exceeded sanitation, health, and safety standards, promoting a safer work environment.
- Mastered multitasking and time management in a fast-paced food service setting.
- Developed transferable skills in food safety, food service, and customer interaction, enhancing versatility for future roles.


Programming and Development

- Proficiency in various programming languages: Python, VBA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, Assembly
- Expertise in Python-based web framework Django for robust web application development
- Advanced version control and collaboration with GitHub; interactive development with Google Collab
- Database Design / Data Definition Language, Database Normalization, SQL Proficiency
- Object-oriented program design and development, Principles of algorithm formulation and implementation, JavaScript/Node/Express, PostgreSQL, Basics of Data Structures
- Full-Stack Programming using ASP.NET Core MVC / C#, API & SPA Development
- Integration and utilization of OpenAI API for enhanced machine learning and AI applications

Networking and Security

- TCP/IP networking, Cloud computing, AWS - EC2, RDS, and Elastic Beanstalk
- Intermediate Linux commands, SSH, Encryption/Decryption, Password management, Web server security, Digital signature evaluation, Authentication/MFA integration, Role-based access control (RBAC), Vulnerability scanning and fixing, Cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection prevention, Static application security testing (SAST), Content-Security-Policy (CSP) header configuration, Wireshark traffic analysis, Network intrusion detection (NIDS) analysis, VPN installation and configuration, Forensic analysis, Password cracking, Malware analysis, Credentials handling, GDPR-compliant privacy policy and cookie notifications creation
- I have an Unarmed Private Security Officer License from DOPL, UT, underscoring a commitment to understanding security measures and protocols
- Experience with Kali Linux, an advanced Linux distribution used for penetration testing and security auditing

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

- Data exploratory analysis in Python, Basic data cleaning in Python, Dashboard creation and deployment in Python Plotly dash app
- Supervised and unsupervised learning in Python Sklearn: regression, classification, forecasting, Advanced data cleaning and feature engineering including Text analytics, Topic modeling, Image classification, Missing value imputation

Visual Design and Multimedia

- Adobe Creative Suite: Competent with Photoshop for photo editing and compositing, Skilled in Illustrator for vector graphics and digital illustrations, Experienced with Premiere Pro for video editing and After Effects for post-production, Capable in Acrobat for PDF creation and management, Innovative use of Firefly - Adobe’s Generative AI for image enhancements
- 3D Animation and Rendering: Intermediate knowledge of Blender for 3D modeling, simple animations, and video rendering

Additional Skills and Interests

- Competent with Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
- A multi-faceted musician: Proficiency in piano, guitar, ukulele, and cello alongside voice training, reflecting a diverse range of creative and artistic talents

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