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Narrative Visions - 2023

An image showing a glass of liquid on the surface of Mars. There is a leg of an astronaut nearby.

Echoes in a Glass

Within the vast expanse of rust and shadow that stretched endlessly across the Martian surface, there stood a testament to humanity's reach—a simple drinking glass, a vessel of Earth's own making. It was an anomaly, a quirk in the canvas of the red planet, brimming not with water but with a blue, swirling cosmos—a miniature Earth, encapsulated.

This glass, seemingly insignificant, held within it the swirling blues and greens of oceans and forests, the whisper of winds against mountain peaks, and the silent roar of cities that never slept. It was mankind's mark, a microcosm of their home world, set against the backdrop of an indifferent universe. To the cosmos, it was but a speck of dust; to humanity, it was a declaration. Here on Mars, the glass stood as a promise and a memory—a symbol that even in the vast, unfeeling void, the human spirit could find a way to imprint itself, to say, "We were here, and we brought with us the world that cradled us." It was a small mark, but like the first footprints on the moon, it would be eternal, an echo of Earth whispered into the cosmos.

An image of an overgrown cottage. It is misty in the background and is well hidden. There is a small ghostly girl, barely visible, in front of the disregarded home.

Beyond the Veil of Forgetting

I remember the fog, thick and relentless, obscuring everything I knew and was. It was a shroud that promised oblivion, and in my naivety, I embraced it, running through its cold embrace, fleeing a life I instinctively felt was better but still chose to leave. What awaited was a house, an ancient edifice draped in greenery, that emerged as the first anchor in a realm where the mist cleared but my memories would not.

This house, with its stoic stone and creeping vines, was the threshold to my new existence. It stood solemn, almost foreboding, a sentinel at the gateway between what was and what had become. Here, the dead walked in the guise of children, their laughter a haunting melody that promised a deeper descent into a world not quite alive. I grew up among them, never quite one of them, always apart, with a heart that beat too strongly against the quiet lull of their assimilation.

I met her on my first day, a guardian clad in steel and silence, her robotic form a stark contrast to the ethereal children. She spoke of meanings and mysteries, of the pursuit of understanding this liminal space. When I spoke of escape, she looked through me with eyes that saw not just my form but my essence, and she whispered, "You have already escaped." It was then I saw him, a new version of myself, older, wearier, emerging from the mist. He glanced back at the house with a sorrow that mirrored my own, then stepped back into the fog, leaving me to wonder if he was a beginning or an end.

Awakening, my perspective shifted. I was the older version now, stepping out of the fog, looking at the house that once frightened but sheltered me. It was behind me now, a chapter closed. The guardian's words echoed as a truth that resonated with the beat of my heart. "You have already escaped." And with that realization, I woke up, the mist of my dream dissipating with the morning light. The journey through the fog, the house of vines, the dead children's call, all were the forge of my transformation, and I emerged anew with the dawn.

An image showing a palace with monkey faces built into it. There is a small monkey near the front entrance.

The Eternal Vigil of Quazimpti

In the emerald heart where the Quazimpti once soared, the jungle now whispers secrets of the forgotten. Its tendrils, like the fingers of time, caress the stone faces of the monkey heads, guardians etched with the wisdom of King Mup'an. These colossal relics, draped in a tapestry of moss and vines, are the immortal witnesses to a dynasty that ebbed away as silently as the mist that shrouds the morning ferns. The torch above the archway, with its solitary flame, burns as a solitary reminder of the light of Mup'an, a flicker of the past that refuses to be extinguished, illuminating the truth that in the end, all empires are but footnotes in the grand tome of nature's reign.

Beneath the stoic gaze of the stone sentinels, a flesh and blood envoy scurries across the threshold. The monkey, a descendant of the wild, pauses—a sentient silhouette against the backdrop of once mighty Quazimpti. In its eyes flickers the untold stories of King Mup'an's lineage, the countless sons and daughters, whose legacies are now whispered by the leaves and the wind. This monkey, a living bridge between the bygone human splendor and the reclaiming arms of nature, moves with an air of unintended sovereignty. It is the animate spirit of Quazimpti, the echo of Mup'an's dreams, living amidst the ruins, a bearer of both the past's glory and the present's simplicity.

The jungle breathes through the ruins of Quazimpti, its breath a chant, its lifeblood the streams that meander like wandering pilgrims through the fallen gateways. The monkey heads stand as timeless tributes to the empire's faded might, their silent songs an ode to the enduring cycle of life, death, and rebirth. King Mup'an's spirit, it seems, did not perish but diffused into the very essence of the realm he once ruled—a mystical confluence of the human and divine, forever enshrined in the sacred grove of memory and earth.

An image showing a small dog with a cape flying over the planet earth with the Milky Way galaxy beind him.

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